Il Mitte

Il Mitte is the main Italian-language news outlet in Germany. Founded in 2012, it was acquired by Fiore & Conti at the beginning of 2021. Since then, it has strengthened its position as a privileged partner of national and international media and institutions willing to reach out to the Italian community om Germany or exploring the complex relationship between these two Countries. and

Il Mitte has contributed to and been featured in several national TV programmes and radio broadcasts such as Agorà (Rai3), Manuale d’Europa (Radiorai1), Caterpillar ( Radiorai2) and Radio24, the radio station of Italian financial newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE, as well as national newspapers such as Repubblica and Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Un urlo ci salverà

The book “Un Urlo Ci Salverà” (A Scream Will Save Us) is a joint project of the Dortmund Comites and the italian women’s association “Donne all’Ultimo Grido” and was funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

We organised and hosted an online book launch during which the whole first edition was sold out. The book was subsequently reprinted and the whole project was presented in the Italian Parliament.

“Donne da urlo – Great stories of Italian women abroad”

We co-wrote and presented the podcast “Donne da Urlo“, based on the success of the book “Un Urlo ci salverà”, produced by the Dortmund Comites and Donne all’Ultimo Grido, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Over the course of five episodes, we discussed the stories and achievemtns of five famous women with Italian women living in Germany and working in the same fields as the historical figures we picked.

Benvenuti a Berlino – Berlin expat orientation events

A series of educational events, designed and organised by Il Mitte, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Berlin and the Berlin Comites, and produced with the contribution of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Having started in 2019 as a series of live events, the project went completely digital during the pandemic. Its main goal is to offer important, detailed and reliable information on the German system to the Italian community in Berlin. Each event features experts and professionals in a specific field, such as healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, and tax law.

The first series of events was converted into a web series produced by the Berlin Comites and created by our partner The Visual House.

#noicisiamo – Covid Expert Q&A

Information broadcasts in partnership with the Italian Embassy in Berlin and the Berlin Comites, at the height of the pandemic.

These events were organised to offer support to the Italian community in Germany, helping them through the confusing early days of the emergency, as rules changed constantly and quickly. We were able to offer assistance to many of our fellow nationals and put them in touch with the best institutions and experts to address their specific problems.

Streamed interview with La Red at the Italian Parlament

We interviewed Laura Sajeva, consultant in Germany for La Red e.V/IQ Netzwerk Berlin, and vice-president of the Berlin Comites, as part of an in-depth presentation on the acknowledgement of qualifications abroad. The interview was live-streamed on the official channel of the Italian Parliament.

Paura Non Abbiamo

A format on gender-based violence, produced by Il Mitte with UIM Germany, the Italian Embassy in Berlin and the Berlin Comites, with the media partnership of the Goethe-Institut in Rome and the support of Rete Donne Berlin. The events featured, among other guests, representatives of the Berlin Senate and the city police as well as leading civil rights activists.

EMERGENCY – the peace narrative

A segment produced in cooperation with EMERGENCY and EMERGENCY Deutschland and aimed at drawing the public’s attention to the problems of war zones and critical areas worldwide, from Afghanistan to Libya. In a series of live broadcasts, we interviewed with volunteers of the association, as well as reporters.

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